Hello there. You have reached Yogi Ewe pages and I hope they will successfully guide you on your journey towards discovering the beauty of Yoga. I provide public and private Power Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga classes in Blackwood, South Wales. I am, as well, fully qualified massage therapist with almost two decades of experience. Follow the links above to discover more, book your yoga class or massage treatment.


"Yoga is like music
the rhythm of the body,
the melody of the mind,
and the harmony of the soul
create the symphony of life."


B.K.S. Iyengar 

Power Yoga?


Power Yoga is a dynamic style of yoga. It moves more quickly than regular yoga, and as such gives more cardio output gaining muscle tone and improving weight loss. The series of postures are designed to improve strength, concentration, release stress and increase the energy level. Power Yoga, as any other style of yoga, works with breathing which energize you throughout the whole practice.

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Happy customers:


I had the most wonderul experience. I was very pessimistic but was extremely pleasantly surprised with the quality and enjoyment. Highly recommend! Thank you!


Sonia Talsi




Amazing teacher! I have learned so much in such a small space of time! Xx


Lowri Edwards

Eva is an excellent yoga teacher and very patient with us beginners. Her sports massage is pretty good too!! xx


Lynne Craggs-Morris





Fantastic teacher. Love the class. Best thing I've done in years. Thanks Eva. 


Lisa Marie Hassell

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