New pages and booking system

Hello everybody,

after long consideration I have decided that my business needs proper upgrade. Some of you may already know the reasons for that, others may not.

I will try to keep this post short so here is very quick recapitulation of past events.

After enduring a year of hopeless dealing with local council and eventually finding myself without my 10 regular classes at the end of January, I had to become completely independent. This meant I had to up my game.

As every self-employed person I now have to do all my bookings as well as accounting, marketing and other activities, which were before partially managed by local council. In order to keep my classes as accessible as possible, I had to prioritise and I decided to start using automated booking software.

I appreciate, that this brings a lot of changes and some of you may find it difficult to get used to. Please bear with me. I will try to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Before I go, I would like to as well thank you all once again for your amazing support you provided me with during last few months. I would struggle a lot if you were not there when I needed you.



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